Adult Faith Formation - Fall 2017

We “form” faith throughout our life span. We form faith in many settings: home, church, “the world” (including our electronic world). We form faith in our connections with people who are similar to and also different from us. We form faith in getting better connected to ourselves. The hour following our Sunday worship has opportunities for adult faith formation. Grab a beverage and reconnect with others in our community – or take it to the library and connect with some good books. 
Facilitated faith formation offers a variety of topics relevant to our faith community within and beyond Stirling. We’d love to have you participate in some (or all) of the following:

September 10 & 17
How have you experienced church? Deepen your connection with others in our Stirling community.

September 24 & October 1
Our delegates attending Mennonite Church Canada’s Future Directions meeting need your input. Here’s a chance to learn more and offer your opinion on this key meeting for the future of the Mennonite Church in Canada. On September 24 Ginny Hostetler will help us to understand the basics of the important changes being proposed for the future of the Mennonite Church in Canada. On October 1, Ron Rempel will lead us in further discussions so we can offer feedback and direction to our delegates.

October 15 & November 26
Dream with our Finance & Stewardship Ministry about how we can use the “Challenge” funds in our budget.

October 22 & 29, November 5, December 3
Explore “First Families” in Genesis with Derek Suderman.  Prepare to be challenged to new ways to consider these texts.

November 19
Bryan Moyer Suderman will spend time with us as the culmination of a weekend of “Reading the Bible with Jesus”.