Israel/Palestine - a call for study and discernment

As a follow up to a November 12, 2017 Peace Sunday visit from Rabbi David Mivasair, Stirling created settings to further explore topics raised in his presentation. One setting was a series in adult faith formation in January and early February 2018. During the series, the following resources were identified to aid in the ongoing process of study and discernment:

  1. The Parliamentary ePetition for Peace In Palestine
  2. MCC’s Cry for Home (Israel/Palestine) campaign. This site has basic information and background as well as some engaging videos.
  3. Several columns that report and comment on the MCC campaign: A Cry for Home and A Cry for Home; Some Jewish views
  4. MCC Canada letter on Jerusalem.
  5. A CBC opinion piece published in January of this year.

In an adult Faith Formation class on January 28, Kathy Bergen shared from her extensive experience in Palestine/Israel. She recommended the following resources:

  1. a list of ideas on what we can do in response to the situation
  2. specific suggestions on how to respond through a boycott of certain products
  3. the website of the Mennonite Palestine Israel Network (MennoPIN)
  4. "Come and See" - a Palestine-Israel Learning Tour Opportunity, June 17-30, 2018.  As part of Mennonite Church Canada’s call to prayer & discernment on Israel-Palestine, Missions, Peace & Justice Ministry invites anyone interested, to consider participating in this learning tour.  There are some financial aid possibilities through MCEC and the Stirling Missions Travel Fund.  For more details see the brochure, talk to Josie Winterfeld or Sue Klassen, or contact Kathy Bergen at 226-647-0120 or