Israel/Palestine - a call for study and discernment

As a follow up to a November 12, 2017 Peace Sunday visit from Rabbi David Mivasair, Stirling created settings to further explore topics raised in his presentation. One setting was a series in adult faith formation in January and early February 2018. During the series, the following resources were identified to aid in the ongoing process of study and discernment:

  1. The Parliamentary ePetition for Peace In Palestine
  2. MCC’s Cry for Home (Israel/Palestine) campaign. This site has basic information and background as well as some engaging videos.
  3. Several columns that report and comment on the MCC campaign: A Cry for Home and A Cry for Home; Some Jewish views
  4. MCC Canada letter on Jerusalem.
  5. A CBC opinion piece published in January of this year.

In an adult Faith Formation class on January 28, Kathy Bergen shared from her extensive experience in Palestine/Israel. She recommended the following resources:

  1. a list of ideas on what we can do in response to the situation
  2. specific suggestions on how to respond through a boycott of certain products
  3. the website of the Mennonite Palestine Israel Network (MennoPIN)
  4. "Come and See" - an Israel/Palestine Witness trip, June 17-30, 2018.