Life-long faith formation

As a faith formation ministry we acknowledge that each of us is on a faith journey that takes different shapes and include many stages throughout our lives. We desire to walk with one another, offering support and encouragement along the way. One way we live this out is by marking various faith transitions through rituals in worship. These rituals are shaped and adapted to meet the needs of Stirling as a dynamic congregation.

Some of our early Faith Markers at Stirling

Learning to Love Jesus: Children turning 5 receive 'Shine On: A Story Bible' 
Walking the way of Peace: Children turning 8 receive 'Plant a Seed of Peace'
Questions, questions, questions: Children turning 11 receive an 'NRSV Discipleship Bible'
Created and Called: Youth turning 14 receive a 'More with Less Cookbook'

Other important Faith Markers

New life in Christ (baptism)
One of the body (membership transfer)
Covenant of Faithfulness (marriage)
Covenant of Faithfulness (singleness)
A gift of a child (parent-child dedication)
A fruitful past, a fruitful future (retirement)

Complete list of Faith Markers