2018 Summer Worship Series

Holy Ground: Exploring Our Sacred Spaces

 “Remove the sandals from your feet, 
because the place where you are standing is holy ground.”  Exodus 3:5

This is God’s invitation to Moses, coming to him from a burning bush in the wilderness. It is an invitation to notice the sacredness before him and all around him.

There are many places to see and experience the sacred in our lives, places where we experience the wonder and mystery of God’s presence. These sacred spaces may be found in the most ordinary activities of everyday life, where we feel touched by God’s grace or where we see God’s footprint right under our feet.

Sacred spaces might include summer camp, a cottage setting or a travel experience; a special place in nature like a mountain top or an ocean shoreline; it may be one’s art studio or a tractor cab, the backyard garden or Grandma’s kitchen, or even the experience of sitting at the bedside of a dying friend.

The summer worship series invites all of us to consider our own sacred space, our own holy ground where our heart and soul has been awakened to God’s presence, where the Divine has brushed against our life.

We look forward to a summer of storytelling as our preachers offer reflections on their own experience of a sacred space that has shaped, inspired, transformed, given them a lens through which to see and experience God.