Adult Faith Formation Fall 2018

As a ministry we are excited about the many opportunities for individual and community learning at Stirling this fall. Our hope is to offer faith formation sessions that grow out of identified core areas, such as Bible, Spirituality, Community Care, Anabaptist distinctives, and contemporary issues.

Who: All adults. This is an opportunity for intergenerational learning and community building.

Where: The WMA room, just off the Fellowship Hall is our primary space.

When: Following the worship service at 11:15. At times it’s a challenge to balance our desire for refreshment, socializing, and faith formation. Help us by gathering what you need and getting into the WMA room quickly so our facilitators have the time they need to offer what they have prepared.

Input and involvement: We try to balance providing new information with discussion in small and large groups. If you are seeking more of one or the other, let us know.

Fall Overview

  • Informed Conversations: More than 140 Stirling congregants responded to a spring survey from MCEC/Church Council. We will use results of that survey in 3 sessions. The first session will include an update on the process and its results, with a chance to share our own reflections.  In the two subsequent sessions we will use Circle process to delve deeper into a couple of topics from the survey and their implications for moving forward.

  • Indigenous Relations: We’ll have input and discussion with Kandace Boos, Mennonite Central Committee Ontario (MCCO) Indigenous Neighbours Program Animator on the All Nations Water Walk along the Grand River. The next week Tamie Coleman will share on Indigenous Land Justice.

  • Sermon Reflection: For 3 Sundays, we will have discussion with folks who are preaching for in-depth reflection on the sermon.

  • Caring Relationships: We will examine the two-way street of parent-child dedication (how the church community can offer and receive nurture). We will follow that with a session on the meaning of loss in relationships, and how our community can respond in times of grief.

  • Holy longing in Advent: Tamara Shantz will offer a 3 week workshop on holy longing and desire.

  • Anabaptist Response to 100th Anniversary of World War 1:  What can WW1 teach us today? 

Details by Week

  • Sept 9 Informed Conversations with Steve Manske

  • Sept 16 All Nations Water ter Walk along the Grand River with Kandace Boos

  • Sept 23 Indigenous Land Justice with Tamie Coleman

  • Sept 30 Informed Conversations with the Circle Keepers

  • Oct 7 No Faith Formation, Thanksgiving

  • Oct 14 Informed Conversations with the Circle Keepers

  • Oct 21 Sermon Reflection with Christina Moss

  • Oct 28 Sermon Reflection with Fred Redekop

  • Nov 11 100th anniversary of WW1 with Laureen Harder-Gissing

  • Nov 18 Caring Relationships with the Circle Keepers

  • Nov 25 Caring Relationships with the Circle Keepers

  • Dec 2 Holy Longing with Tamara Shantz

  • Dec 9 Holy Longing with Tamara Shantz

  • Dec 16 Holy Longing with Tamara Shantz

  • Dec 23 Christmas Celebration, Cookie Potluck

  • Dec 24 No Faith Formation

  • Dec 30 No Faith Formation