Adult Winter Faith Formation 2019

After the worship service grab a beverage and join us in the WMA room. We have some wonderful sessions set to go.

 For six sessions, Faith Formation will parallel the worship theme of Food and Faith. We’ll have guest input from Arli Klassen (MCEC Moderator) and Candy MacNeil, an eating disorders therapist with Canadian Mental Health Association. We’ll also hear stories (Saturday Suppers) and share stories (experiences of food in our families). The series will finish by exploring breaking of bread (Communion) traditions – expanding our appreciation and understanding of their meaning.

 During Lent, we will offer two FF options. The “Informed Conversations” survey indicated we long for more Bible Study. Stirling counts among its community many gifted people who can lead Bible study in ways that expand our understanding and appreciation of biblical texts. This includes Christina Moss and Derek Suderman who will facilitate classes over the six weeks of Lent.

 Our second FF session will be a circle process. Lent is a time for reflection and prayer and so we want to offer a circle using the Lenten Guided Prayer materials produced for us by the Mennonite Spiritual Directors of Eastern Canada. This year’s series invites us to consider how God is present in the gritty or difficult places in life in order to find grace and hope.

 Last, but not least. Parents of young children. Please note that we are happy to include your kids in the session – and have lots of parents / grandparents who delight in supporting your kids during the class. We can all benefit from seeing / hearing the energy that young ones bring. Don’t hesitate to join the class with your child.

Jan. 20       Sharing our experiences of food in our family

Jan. 27       Stories from Saturday Suppers

Feb. 3        Extending the Table -  Arli Klassen

Feb. 10      Food Insecurity  - Clare Wagner (House of Friendship)

Feb. 17      Disordered eating - Candy MacNeil (CMHA)

Feb. 24      Communion Traditions - David Graybill

Mar. 3       No FF – Annual General Meeting

Mar. 10     Bible Study or Lenten Guided Prayer Circle

Mar. 17     Bible Study or Lenten Guided Prayer Circle

Mar. 24     Bible Study or Lenten Guided Prayer Circle

Mar. 31     Bible Study or Lenten Guided Prayer Circle

Apr. 7        Bible Study or Lenten Guided Prayer Circle

Apr. 14      Bible Study or Lenten Guided Prayer Circle