Food Security: It does impact you

Adult Faith Formation is delving further in out Stirling’s worship theme of our relationship to food. On Feb 10, Clare Wagner, Community Services Director at House of Friendship ( challenged us to consider food security more broadly. She sent links that you may want to check out further:

  • Grow Food music video by Appetite for Change:

    • For context: This is a demonstration of how a community that has been systemically oppressed (in this case, black youth in north Minneapolis) has used music to advocate for food justice on their own terms.

Use Food Secure Canada’s questions and resources related to food justice as fodder for dinner table reflection and discussion (kids can benefit too): For example,

  • who produces the food?

  • who has access to land, and the means of production?

  • who has access to healthy, nutritious, culturally appropriate food and who doesn’t?

  • who suffers environmental injustice?

  • who makes food decisions?

  • how has colonialism affected our food system and traditional livelihoods?