Lenten Adult Faith Formation

Having sated our appetites with Faith & Food since Christmas, it is time to fill another desire. We offer two ways to nurture your spiritual appetite during Lent.

 Christina Moss and Derek Suderman return to offer insights on the book of Luke during the six weeks of Lent. March 10 Derek will introduce the bookends of Luke (first and last chapters … reading ahead is encouraged). Subsequently, this Bible study will explore the texts to be used in the next Sunday’s worship service, eventually covering all of Luke. These sessions will take place in the WMA room. Get your coffee and grab a seat, because the room fills up.

 As an alternative, you can engage with a Lenten Guided Prayer study. After the March 10 (and following) worship services, proceed directly to the room behind the piano – there will be beverages ready for you there. If you are interested in this small group option, please let Steve Manske know. We will forward prayer guides for use during the week. Each week will use a different prayer guide.